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Long Distance Carriers

The Champlain Telephone Company is an equal access telephone company. This means that you can use the long distance carrier of your choice.

Most long distance companies will mail a bill separately from The Champlain Telephone Company bill. The Champlain Telephone Company does not provide billing for most carriers. Please consult the carrier of your choice with regards to the source of billing.

There is a service charge when the customer requests a change from one carrier to another by The Champlain Telephone Company. This charge applies to each line (number) that has its long distance carrier changed. Please call our office at 298-2411 for the charge amount.

To select a new long distance carrier:

Contact the carrier's Customer Service Department at the number listed below and follow up with The Champlain Telephone Company at 298-2411. Once your choice has been made, you must have an account set up with the carrier of your choice in order to avoid casual billing.

To resolve billing issues with a long distance carrier:

Contact the carrier at the number shown below:

Carrier Business Residential
ACC Long Distance 1-800-456-6000 1-800-456-6000
Global Crossings 1-800-466-4600 1-800-482-4848
AT&T 1-800-524-2455 1-800-222-0300
SAVVIS 1-800-486-8686  
Excel Telecommunications 1-800-875-9235 1-800-875-9235
Adelphia Business Solutions 1-877-257-4115  
Qwest 1-800-860-1020 1-800-860-2255
MCI 1-800-539-2000 1-800-539-2000
MCI 1-800-264-1000 1-800-444-3333
MCI 1-800-333-5000 1-800-333-5000
Sprint 1-800-877-4020 1-800-877-4646
Wiltel (MCI WORLDCOM) 1-800-864-4060 1-800-864-4060
PrimeLink 1-800-353-8945 1-518-298-2411
Verizon Customer Service 1-518-890-7100 1-518-890-7100
Verizon Long Distance 1-518-890-7100 1-518-890-7100
OAN Customer Service 1-800-944-9646 1-800-944-9646
Zero Plus Dialing Customer Service 1-888-760-0734 1-888-760-0734
Tech Valley Communications 1-877-598-0940 1-877-598-0940
Broadwing Communications 1-866-564-6279 1-866-564-6279
Enhanced Services Billing Customer Service 1-888-295-3724 1-888-295-3724
Integertel Customer Services 1-800-736-7500 1-800-736-7500
AOL Billing Customer Service Department 1-888-839-8458 1-888-839-8458

No Long Distance Carrier

You may choose to not select a specific toll carrier. The choice of no carrier can be selected for both calling areas. You will still have the ability to make toll calls through a casual toll service provider or with a pre-paid or post-paid calling card. A service charge will still apply if you change from a specific toll service provider to no carrier.


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